Coming to America: We Survive the Topshop Opening


Today on the sunny sidewalks of SoHo, there was a lot going on: Apparently everyone is either unemployed, tired of recession talk, or a crazy Kate Moss fan. (Or, they work at Flavorpill. Heh.) Thousands of fashion-y types waited in the obnoxious, block-spanning line for the delayed opening of UK import, Topshop.

While we couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t just wait until tomorrow to snap up a pair of skinnys, we got sucked into the confetti exploding energy, big time. We found ourselves joining the paparazzi as they stalked Kate Moss’ backdoor exit, clawing at the free goodies (if you didn’t score a Topshop tote you were totes an outsider), and even posing for fashion bloggers. We admit, we kind of lost it for a brief recession who? moment. CLICK HERE for our iPhone photo documentation of the crazy/beautifuls and some of the best people watching we’ve encountered in a while. Thank you, Kate.

(For more photo goodness head over to Nicky Digital where he’s covering the opening all day.)