Jeff Koons Must Die!!!: The Video Game


If we told you that, for only 25 cents, you could destroy an entire retrospective’s worth of art by Jeff Koons and get off scot-free, would you do it? While you’re never likely to have that opportunity in real life, multimedia artist Hunter Jonakin has constructed an arcade game that allows you to virtually shoot up a busload of giant balloon dogs and porn-y photos with a rocket launcher. Titled Jeff Koons Must Die!!!, the piece culminates in the artist himself appearing to sic guards on the vandal — and enemies won’t stop popping up until the player is dead. “In the end,” Jonakin explains, “the game is unwinnable, and acts as a comment on the fine art studio system, museum culture, art and commerce, hierarchical power structures, and the destructive tendencies of gallery goers, to name a few.” See more images from the game after the jump.

[via @mollylambert]