Join an Invite-Only Perks Club, By Stella Artois


Insider access at Sundance. VIP trips to the Spirit Awards. Exclusive events at New York’s most coveted venues. Should you accept our invitation to join La Société Stella Artois, all this could be a week in the life of your name here. Stella Artois’ members-only society has a tough door and a long waiting list in New York — but you’re in with a special code for Flavorpill subscribers.

We know you’re connected, but La Société gives you access to events, people, and situations that, frankly, even the most credentialed among us have trouble securing for ourselves.

All you have to do is live tastefully, tweet and post on Facebook about the eateries and nightspots you enjoy, and rack up points toward ridiculous trips and exclusive parties (think presidential suites and VIP passes to the Cannes Film Festival). In keeping with the air of secrecy surrounding La Société, we don’t want to give too much away ourselves; we defer to the gatekeeper, who will happily tell you more.