Our Favorite Contemporary Artists as Action Figures


Mike Leavitt has a giant Art Army. Hand-crafted from scratch out of 20 to 30 custom-made parts, each lil famous artist busts out with physical likeness and personal aesthetic sensibility. His grinning Jeff Koons is karmically turning into a big balloon animal. Matthew Barney is in full-on Cremaster Cycle mode, Takashi Murakami is mid-metamorphosis into a psychotic Kawaii toon, and Julian Schnabel comes with a removable ceramic plate halo. And those are just his freshest four!

The Seattle-based proud Pratt drop-out is having a solo show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery later this year. Meanwhile, enjoy Ron English a-clowning, Banksy a-pranking, and Damien Hirst getting sliced.

Mike Leavitt’s Takashi Murakami

Mike Leavitt’s Jeff Koons

Mike Leavitt’s Matthew Barney

Mike Leavitt’s Julian Schnabel

Mike Leavitt’s Banksy

Mike Leavitt’s Damien Hirst

Mike Leavitt’s Gary Baseman

Mike Leavitt’s Ron English

Mike Leavitt’s Jeremy Fish

Mike Leavitt’s David Byrne