B.o.B vs. Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator: Hip Hop Beef of the Week


OFWGKTA have seen no shortage of controversy in the music press and from feminists. But for the most part, the industry has been fairly unanimous in its co-sign of the violence-loving teenage crew; Odd Future dominated SXSW last week, and Kanye West has called “Yonkers,” by OFWGKTA’s Tyler, the Creator, the video of the year. (Tyler, meanwhile, recently said that he’s coming for West’s head because the rapper is his only competition.)

There is, however, at least one rapper who is not hopping on the Odd Future bandwagon: B.o.B. Apparently not amused that Tyler refers to him as a “faggot” in “Yonkers” (which also includes shots at Hayley Williams and Bruno Mars), B.o.B has fired back with a diss track titled — wait for it — “No Future” that even Tyler thinks is “tight.” Listen to both songs after the jump and let us know who you think won/is more homophobic/is a better person/is actually just “playing a character” in the comments.

B.o.B — “No Future”

Tyler, the Creator — “Yonkers”