This Week In Buzz


Editor’s note: Each Friday, our internet-savvy friends over at BuzzFeed curate a post for us that’s filled with links to some of their favorite items on the web that week. Enjoy!

On Saturday, reports abounded of a Supermoon: a moment when the moon comes 14% closer to the Earth than average, which we’re told occurs once every 18 years. People were quick to post photos of the rare occasion, though it should be noted that a telephoto lens can make the moon look huge at any time of year.

Chris Brown broke a window in a violent tantrum on Tuesday after being questioned about the 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rhianna. Brown later tweeted: “I’m so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for their bullshit.” Chris, we praise Charlie Sheen not because he’s assaulted women in the past, but because he’s a tigerblooded warlock who doesn’t have time to waste on the haters. Breaking a window is the opposite of that. By Wednesday, Brown’s temper had cooled, and he offered an apology in this BET appearance.

Elizabeth Taylor passed away on Wednesday at the age of 79. Ironically, the New York Times writer who penned Ms. Taylor’s obituary died over six years ago. We took a look at the 100 best photos of the legendary beauty, counted her husbands, and pored over 26 facts you probably never knew about her.

The unstoppable Rebecca Black machine continues to captivate people the world-over. With over 40 million views, Friday has surpassed Lady Gaga’s latest release Born This Way and shows no signs of slowing any time soon. Despite being famous as the song everybody loves to hate, Gaga recognizes Black’ genius. Even Conan O’Brien has jumped on the Friday parody Blackwagon.

SNL alum Victoria Jackson has been on some kind of crazy bigoted media tour this week, slamming Glee for “turning our kids gay” and praising the enlightening wisdom of Glenn Beck. The scary part: Ms. Jackson isn’t acting.

Searches for Libya experienced another boost this week as the US and coalition forces intervened with Operation Odyssey Dawn. Among the most popular stories was an exploration of the Tripoli Women’s Military Academy, the school where Ghadafi’s elite all-female guard were trained.

Ten years after the release of The Fellowship Of The Ring, Peter Jackson is looking untouched by time in this photo comparison. Although not technically a story, it’s easy to see why this image went viral for being so similar to Ze Frank’s Young Me Now Me project.

Finally, BuzzFeed editor Matt Stopera has collected a great collection of bizarre black and white photos on his blog Black & WTF, the best of which are beyond explanation.