Hungover Till June [Rate-a-Trailer]


We can’t remember the last time our anticipation for a movie jumped this much from one trailer to the next. A new, full-length version (after the jump) of The Hangover was just unleashed and managed to dispel our disappointment after seeing the initial shorter one. We didn’t imagine an ensemble cast including Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms (Andy from The Office), Heather Graham, Rob Riggle, a tiger, a baby, and Mike Tyson could fail. Can you say “screwball”? The Hangover is currently slated for a June 5 release.

Side note: While we’re talking about new trailers for upcoming comedies, the international redband trailer for Bruno just landed on MySpace in all of its NSFW glory. It’s so nasty that they make you log in and prove that you’re not a kid before you can watch it. Awesome.