New Technology Dressed Up As Vintage


Though the trend of new gadgets pretending to be vintage has been going on for a while now (some have called it “nostalgia tech”), thanks in great part to Urban Outfitters, the style seems to be shifting a little. Now, in addition to creating new gadgets styled after vintage versions of themselves, companies are coming up with various ways to dress up or augment new technologies to make them look old, using skins, apps, and add-ons to create trompe l’oeils that aren’t even supposed to be that convincing, just ironic. It’s as if the current generation is embarrassed of their new toys and feels the need to hide them behind faux-book covers and pictures of Game Boys some of them have probably never even played with. Click through to see our roundup of new technology masquerading as vintage, and let us know if you want a Stereolizer.

Polaroid iPad

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The USB Typewriter

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Cassette Tape or Game Boy iPhone Skins

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The Stereolizer

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The Steampunk Pocket Watch

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VHS skins for laptops and iPhones

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Mp3 Player as Walkman

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