Is Kevin Smith Plagued By a Manchild Curse?


Does anyone else find it strange that KEVIN SMITH — who has recently been accused of trying to crib JUDD APATOW’s manchild magic by casting one of the most beloved actors in his stable — is starring with JOHN CORBETT and JAMES PUREFOY in a new series for SHOWTIME that’s based on a British TV comedy called MANCHILD?

It must have made network executives feel weird too, because they decided to shelve the show after shooting the pilot.

According to /Film, the only episode of the failed series (“a raunchy male version of SEX AND THE CITY” — but we thought that was called ENTOURAGE?) airs tomorrow morning at 4:15 a.m.

If you’re still awake from all of that Election Day celebrating, check it out and let us know why you think Showtime wasn’t biting.