Gallery: Art Inspired by ‘Edward Scissorhands’


If you were a child of the ’90s, get ready to feel aged: Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands is 20 years old. (Okay, catch your breath. Have a premature midlife crisis. We’ll wait.) The first flick in Burton’s string of collaborations with Johnny Depp came out in December of 1990, and Alhambra, CA’s Gallery Nucleus is throwing it a belated anniversary bash. Running from April 16-May 9, Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Tribute will feature over 40 works inspired by the goth cult classic. A preview gallery is after the jump.

Roberto Ricci, Scissorheart

[Images via SlashFilm and Scissorhands 20th]

Rozenn Bothuon, Please, cut me!

Graham Annable, O

Alina Chau, Scissorhands Eden

Dave Perillo, Edward’s Paper Cut Craft

Ken Turner, The Inventor

Jerrod Maryuma, Cut It!

Jérémie Fleury, Passionate Despair

Clément Lefèvre, Petite Pousse

Lorena Alvarez, The Blossom Clearing

Uli Meyer, The True Story

Bob Doucette, Edward

Andrea Kalfas, Ambrosia Salad

Zach Franzen, Snowflake Chain

Chuck Groenink, Kim

Prince Nez, Making plans and then…

Beth Maunoury, Barth Scissorhands

Patricio Oliver, With These Hands

Bill Robinson, Dance of the Spring

Laura Iorio, Window Lovers