Awesome Infographic: The Periodic Table of Artists


We see a lot of infographics here at Flavorwire, but rarely are they as opinionated as Andrew Robert Keast’s Periodic Table of Artists. You’ve got your “dorm room” staples (Monet, Hokusai, van Gogh, Klimt), your “miserable white men” (Rembrandt, Manet, Damien Hirst, just about everybody from the Renaissance), your “gimmicky” artists (Warhol, Escher, Shepard Fairey), the “kitschy” folks, the “hacks” (Seth McFarlane counts as an artist?), the “harmless” types, the “preachy” bores — and, in pink, a couple of “women.” We can’t say we totally agree with these groupings — we’re far less cranky about art than Keast seems to be — but we’re entertained nonetheless. Click here for a larger image. [via I Love Charts]