Image Gallery: Optimism Is Underrated


Cynicism has become the lingua franca of our increasingly disaffected pop culture. We criticize, question, doubt, parody, and roll our collective eyes at any display of sincere sentiment as though the mere expression of well-intentioned enthusiasm is some kind of affront to the contrivances of coolness. Fortunately, Everything Is Going To Be OK offers a much-needed respite from this competition for jadedness. Conveying messages of optimism through billboards, traditional letter press, and even piled leaves, the artists in this anthology present a refreshingly upbeat outlook on life — from the everyday to the existential. Check out this gallery of images from the book for a dose of overdue positivity.

Keetra Dean Dixon

Danna Ray

Clifton Burt

Amy Borrell

Yee Haw Studio

Austin Kleon

Vlatka Horvat

Dianne Murphy Rodgers

Breanna Sisk

Ulrike Andersson