10 Artists Who Embrace Camouflage in Their Work


Today is the one day out of the year when you shouldn’t believe everything that you see — especially on the Internet. While we don’t plan on pulling any April Fool’s Day pranks here at Flavorpill (we’ll leave that to these guys), we did think it was a fitting time to roundup some of our favorite “camouflage” artists. Click through to check out work by 10 photographers who have embraced the art of disappearing in their work, but brace yourselves: in many cases, your eyes may be playing tricks on you.

Liu Bolin

Desiree Palmen

Annie Collinge

Laurent La Gamba

Emma Hack

Rachel Perry Welty

Joshua Callahan

Sabina Keric and Yvonne Bayer

Fred Lebain

Harvey Opgenorth