Neil Gaiman's Coraline Gets a Magnetic Fields Makeover


Henry Selick’s Coraline, the not really for kids kid’s movie based on Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel of the same name, didn’t break any box office records (it only made $74m), but before the film was released plans to stage a musical adaptation of the tale were already in the works. And this morning we found out that it will feature music and lyrics from Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields. That’s enough indie goodness to make certain geeks’ heads explode. The limited engagement begins on May 7, but you can already *buy tickets here. (Note: The MCC Theater also has a fantastic $20 under 30 program for ticket buyers under 30, two hours prior to curtain.) You can also download free podcasts about the production here.

* Per Merritt’s blog: “From March 23 to April 12 single price tickets to any performance will be available at the special price of $39. (Regular ticket prices start at $65.) To purchase tickets at the discounted price, apply the promotional code CLHT upon checkout at the MCC Theater website. There is a limit of eight tickets per order. Availability is subject to change.” Woot woot!