What We're Listening To at Flavorpill…


Welcome to What We’re Listening To, a weekly roundup of the tracks that have been getting the repeat treatment in our office. After the jump, a dozen songs that FP staffers are loving right now, along with some light commentary on why we think they’re special (we hear a lot of music ’round here). Enjoy and feel free to leave your own recent obsessions in the comments.

1. Iron and Wine, “Naked As We Came” This is the sound of your heart breaking.

2. The Thermals, “Now We Can See” It’s anthemic, ultra-catchy indie rock made by smart people.

3. Kid Cudi, “Day ‘N Nite” I just love this track! It’s also on our Mango Mix 😉

4. Phenomenal Handclap Band, “All of the Above” This had me dancing around my room in a Fleetwood Mac fake flashback. But a cool one.

5. Tiger City, “Other Girls” Their new stuff is great, but this will always be my all-time favorite Tcity tune.

6. Kurt Vile, “Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics)” This guy kicks ass.

7. Jacques Brel, “Ne Me Quitte Pas” I’ve been getting deeply French lately…

8. The Rumble Strips, “London” I like the tunes on their debut, Girls and Weather, more, but still catchy. Love his wobbly, warbling voice!

9. N.O.R.E., “Oye Mi Canto” I’m putting together a lot of Ikea furniture this week and reggaeton is the only thing that keeps me focused…

10. Polly Scattergood, “I Hate the Way” Polly’s a fantastic, quirky British singer/songwriter in the tradition of Kate Bush. This track has a very Tori Amos feel, but some of her others stray into dance-pop territory (in a good way).

11. P.O.S., “Savion Glover” I’ve been listening to the new record by P.O.S., Never Better, but the song on repeat is actually an older jam, reissued.

Bonus rainy-day video: Lemon Jelly, “Make Things Right”