Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle [Found Photo Fridays]


Sometimes, when we’re bored at work we’ll go to Flickr and type in random words to see what kind of interesting images pop up. We’re geeks. We know. But some of you are geeks too, which is why we’re introducing a new feature on Flavorwire called Found Photo Fridays. The idea is simple. Someone in our office will shout out a random word, we’ll type it into the magic search engine on Flickr, and then (wham, bam, thank you ma’am) present you with a handful of our favorite results. Think of it as eye candy to get you through the final stretch of the work week. Your first installment — the result of using the word “bicycle” — after the jump.

Scott London

Ron J. Carney

Stuck in Customs


John Hefel

i. anton

Digital Hungry


Samuli Ikaheimo

George Eastman House

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