Who Is Katy Perry Ripping Off in the “E.T.” Video?


Katy Perry’s back! By now, it seems like Teenage Dream came out 100 years ago, but apparently Perry isn’t done publicizing it yet. This week, she’s got a new video out, for her Kanye West-featuring sci-fi bodice-ripper “E.T.” And, like most of what Perry’s done, we can’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen much of this video before. From True Blood to Lady Gaga to witch house (hey, she did spend a good amount of time in the Fader Fort at SXSW), we break down who the California Gurl is ripping off this time, screencap-style, after the jump.

The opening is pure, panning-the-ground True Blood intro — as are those weird, grainy wildlife montages later in the video:

Paging Wall-E:

Seeing Kanye floating angstily around a spaceship brings us right back to Michael and Janet in “Scream”:

This makes us miss the real E.T.:

Oh, look. A violent, beautiful pop star birth in space. Where have we seen that lately?

Perry’s costume is more reminiscent of the faux-tribal thing Ke$ha tried to pull off in “My Love Is Your Drug”:

Hey there, Witch House Barbie:

Gaga had the tattoo guy, so Perry gets to fetishize an albino dude:

But Perry turns out to be some kind of satyr, so it’s all OK or whatever. Baby, she was born this way: