Classic Albums Reimagined as Books


There’s notorious interplay between the literary and musical arts – writers often end up becoming musicians, and just as frequently musicians turn into literary authors – so it’s safe to say the skills transfer over, at least to some extent. And the same goes for appreciation – book lovers tend to be music lovers as well, and we’ve discovered a new way to appreciate both mediums at once. Sure, you know which albums to listen to while you’re reading which books, but what if the albums themselves were books? An anonymous artist who goes by See Gee has taken a stab at an answer in an ongoing project imagining what classic records might look like if they had been born as books instead. And boy, do they look like books we want to read. Click through to see a few of our favorites and check out the rest at See Gee’s flickr page.

Check out the whole collection at See Gee’s Flickr!