Stephen Colbert Performs an Epic Version of ‘Friday’ on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


When Stephen Colbert donated $26,000 of his BFFSM (best friend for six months) Jimmy Fallon’s money to, Fallon couldn’t come up with the cash. Instead, he pledged that if his fans donated the money by, well, Friday, then Colbert would perform Rebecca Black’s epically awful song on his show. Well, the people were up to the challenge – the total donations came out to over $86,000.

So true to his word, last night Stephen Colbert showed up to the Jimmy Fallon set in a tuxedo and sang a brilliant rendition of ‘Friday,’ backed by The Roots. Even with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon heavily auto-tuned, Taylor Hicks with a harmonica, the Knicks City Dancers, and what looked like a yeti and a beekeeper there at the end, the whole thing still ended up being a whole lot less ridiculous and a whole lot more awesome than the original. Sure, everyone seemed to have a little trouble with that extra syllable jammed into “Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend,” but who can blame them? It’s an awkward song. See the video after the jump!