Strange and Wonderful Celebrity Portraits by Alexey Kurbatov


If you’re an artist, you often want to pay tribute to the people and places that have influenced your life, and if you’re a good artist, well, other people might enjoy it too. Alexey Kurbatov is a Russian photographer and illustrator who creates, among other things, lush angular portraits of his favorite celebrities, experimenting with layering techniques in different kinds of media. Since we love art about artists, and since we also love great illustration in general, we obviously think he’s pretty much the bee’s knees. Click through to see some of our favorite portraits, and visit Kurbatov’s website for more.

Frida Kahlo

Boris Strugatsky (Although to us, this is obviously John Goodman)

Clint Eastwood

Marlene Dietrich

Charles de Gaulle

Joseph Brodsky

[Via Lost at E Minor]