Embrace Your True Americanism and Download “Elected” by Cheeseburger


We’re finally being rewarded for enduring the long, strange journey to Election Day — and because it’s America, what better way than with some fast food treats.

Ben & Jerry’s is giving voters free scoops of ice cream, Starbucks, free tall cups of brewed coffee. Krispy Kreme has gone all out and created a special star-shaped doughnut to commemorate the day.

We suggest you make yourself a nice little coffee float, dunk your doughnut, and then download and crank this tasty cover of ALICE COOPER’s “Elected” by beloved Brooklyn party band CHEESEBURGER while you wait…and wait…and wait…for the results to roll in.

And if you’re in New York, join us tonight at Tom & Jerry’s where the editors of Activate will be hosting a free Election Night party with complimentary hangovers Dewar’s from 6 to 8 p.m.

MP3 Download: “Elected,” Cheeseburger