CraigsList’s Most Wonderful LCD Soundsystem Missed Connections


As our Twitter and Facebook feeds still won’t let us forget, the world ended Saturday night when LCD Soundsystem stepped off the stage for (supposedly) the last time at Madison Square Garden, after playing for over three hours and sharing the mic with the Arcade Fire. Seriously, though, we kid because we love: LCD’s exodus represents the end of a certain indie-rock era, and the void James Murphy leaves (if he is, in fact, retiring from music) is a major one. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some humor to be found in the whole, melodramatic “farewell show” business. Flavorwire contributor Heidi Vanderlee tipped us off that CraigsList’s “Missed Connections” section is currently teeming with posts from lovelorn LCD fans — and many of them are pretty funny, whether they mean to be or not. Enjoy the invented spelling, glowsticks, and hand-rolled cigarettes after the jump.

The poet laureate of Madison Square Garden:

Someone Great – m4w – 25 (LCD Soundsystems)

you were standing in the crowd as i cut a path back to my spot from the bar.

it all seemed so fast as i drink in the moment. the way your hair fell, the way you moved without realizing it, the way your beautiful crystal eyes fixated on the invisible vibrations. i felt your presence. and all i wanted to do was to hug it.

it was too much and i needed to calm down, i’d like your first impression of me to be cool and collected, fun and funny. i needed the drink in my hand and maybe a couple more to rip down the walls and show my naked self.

i came back for you.

i couldn’t find you, and someone great was gone.

Loved your “thy” and “neckless”:

Chick in all white at LCD Soundsystem tonight – m4w – 26 (MSG BEST NIGHT EVER)

Girl, you are A-MAZE-ING. YOu are the finest women I have ever laid eyes on. You were in the PIT and I think my ass brushed up against your thy, but I think we were both pretty drunk, it could have been anyone’s thy. You have brown hair and were wearing all white everything…your neckless was the best! I was wearing all black and have my lip pierced… I can’t believe LCD is both of our favorite band…how crazy is that? I hope you read this and I hope you will marry me, I love you women in all white at LCD.

Pretty sure we talked about something, but most importantly, you rolled me cigarettes:

LCD Soundsystem Wednesday – you rolled me two cigarettes – w4m – 26 (Terminal 5)

We were up on the roof deck and I asked you for a cigarette and you hand rolled me one. We chatted for a while (I think it was your first LCD show) and then went over to speak with the rest of my friends. You went back downstairs before me but rolled me another cigarette before you left. I was bummed our chat was over and tried to find you again downstairs. Obviously, I couldn’t find you in the sea of 3,000. Get in touch!

Sweaty boy meets glowstick-wielding girl:

LCD – glowstick lady – m4w (Midtown West)


Long shot…but you – girl with the most incredible eyes, who was trying to hide a green glowstick in your bag. You were with some guy, but maybe it was just a date/friend ?!

Me -guy with accent, who was far too sweaty to try and make any impression.

Let me know roughly whereabouts we were standing in T5, so I know it’s you.

I have ignored your not-so-subtle signals of disinterest. Please allow me to irritate you again:

LCD Soundsystem – Wednesday, 3/30 – The beer guy is gone! – m4w (Terminal 5)

LCD Soundsystem — Terminal 5 — Wednesday, March 30 (3/30)

You were the cute girl who alerted my party that the beer guy had arrived. So thoughtful! Then you insisted the beer guy was never coming back. Thoughtful again, if not cruel. You were right, sadly.

I told you your sweater was on the ground. You told me I talked too much. Right again. I was just hoping to make you smile a little. You made me smile.

I asked you for your name. You were reluctant. Then, I realized you had a boyfriend.

I fell for you. Literally:

LCD Soundsystem dance partner – Monday night – w4m – 29

Me: blond, black and white top and slightly intoxicated.

You: tall, cute, brown hair…

Had a great time dancing with you — even if I did (embarrassingly) fall on the floor trying some poorly executed dance moves. 🙂

Sorry I left without saying goodbye — had a great time so if you see this, would love to hear from you again. (I’ll know its you if you tell me what part of T-5 we met)

Let’s have coffee.

You’ll hook up with anyone. I am that anyone:

To the girl who says she’ll hook up with anyone Re: LCD – m4w – 25

Single, not Taken.

You were wearing all white. Or all black. Perhaps a blend of both colors.

Additionally you may have been wearing color.


Just… perfect:

LCD you really should go to law skool – w4m (Terminal 5)

I like the way you dance and know about the Merchant Marine.