Watch: Ricky Gervais, ’80s Synthpop Pin-up


Over the years, we’ve heard Ricky Gervais allude to playing in a synthpop band back in the ’80s. And while we were intrigued, we sort of assumed he meant some sort of casual, garage deal. But alas, inspired by a recent Rolling Stone interview, the folks at LA Weekly tracked down a handful of videos by Gervais’s duo, Seona Dancing — who landed on the UK charts with “More to Lose” (#117) and “Bitter Heart” (#79). Watch one after the jump, click over to LA Weekly for more, and marvel at how similar a 20-something Gervais looked to Berlin-era David Bowie. It’s probably best he gave up music for comedy, but we have to admit he looks good in those videos. Never thought you’d have a crush on David Brent, did you?