Video: Fake TLC Promo Spotlights ‘Dwarf Hoarders,’ ‘Uterus Cannon’


Remember what TLC was like when we were kids? No, not the rappers, the cable channel. In the ’80s and ’90s, the network was home to all sorts of educational shows; you could learn how to do DIY home repair, whip up a restaurant-quality meal, and understand obscure scientific topics in a single afternoon. These days, though, it’s pretty much all reality freak shows: Jon & Kate Plus 8! Toddlers & Tiaras! The literally nauseating My Strange Addiction! Basically, if you have a weird life, they want to put it on TV. This laugh-out-loud funny fake promo takes the network’s formula to its logical extreme. Get ready for Dwarf Hoarders, Uterus Cannon, and Dr. Drew’s Second Chance, Bad Odds — all on TLC, “The Learning Channel, for some reason.”

[via Kottke]