The Flavorpill Mixtape: Gang Gang Dance, Poly Styrene, Javelin


We’ve got a groove-heavy mixtape for y’all this week, thanks to new ones from Gang Gang Dance and Cold Cave. But of course, that’s not all — Jackson Heights lo-fi jokesters The Beets have a new track, as does Flavorwire favorite songstress Paloma Faith. Step on in, enjoy the ride, and remember to right click + “Save As” to download each track. Or if you want a lump sum (of songs), scroll to the bottom and get the whole mix.

1. “Weights” by Nat Baldwin

Vampire Weekend collaborator and Dirty Projectors member Nat Baldwin is releasing a solo album this May, and taking it in a decidedly jazzy direction. “Weights” is a slice of noisy free jazz that will appeal to all you distortion lovers out there.

2. “Mindkilla” by Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance is releasing their fifth album this spring, and “Mindkilla” is the second offering we’ve heard. (The first was the 11-minute-long “Glass Jar.”) The prismatic video for the song was directed by the Boredoms’ Shoji Goto — check it out here.

3. “Thrash City” by Poly Styrene

X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene is giving you your weekly dose of punk today, thanks to the in-your-face “Thrash City,” The track is off her upcoming album, Generation Indigo , the first release of solo material she’s done since 1980.

4. “Desire” by Paloma Faith

We’ve exulted before in Paloma Faith’s retro-jazzy pop numbers, so it should come as no surprise that we like this one, too. “Desire” is a collaboration between Faith, Bill Ryder, and Graham Coxon, for extra British goodness.

5. “Dead” by the Beets (Click through to download)

We’re big fans of Brooklyn venue Death by Audio regulars The Beets, and we’re looking forward to more mucky ’60s lo-fi on their sophomore album Stay Home. “Dead” is more cleaned up than some of the Beets’ previous work, but no less catchy.

6. “Back” by Julian Lynch

New Jersey singer-songwriter Julian Lynch is gearing up for album three, Terra, and “Back” is the closing track. With its mesmerizing guitar and lovely, layered falsetto, it’s a worthy entry onto your iPod. Look for the record out on April 26th.

7. “Villains of the Moon” by Cold Cave

Goth-pop dance group Cold Cave released their new album, Cherish the Light Years this week. “Villains of the Moon” is the closing track, and it’s got an appealing New Wave James Bond feeling, thanks to the vocal harmonies and aggressive synthesizer use.

8. “Cowpoke” by Javelin

Obscure vinyl mash-up masters Javelin are back with another LP, Canyon Candy, and this time they’re not just going for frenetic dance part (though we’re guessing there’s some of that on there too). “Cowpoke” is a quieter, slower, twangier Javelin, a sound collage for the Old West.

9. “Do Ya Like (College Dropout Remix)” by Childish Gambino

Some people just never seem to sleep, and comic actor Donald Glover is one of them. In addition to his role on NBC’s Community, Glover is an impressive remix artist. If you like his “Do Ya Like” remix, you can download a whole Childish Gambino EP here.

10. “Usual Suspects” by Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka is this week’s wild card band, a Missouri-based group that traffics in an appealing, rollicking, country-inspired brand of Americana rock. They’ve become a favorite of celebrity chef and trouble-maker Anthony Bourdain, who recently featured them on his show. Their new album, Death of a Decade , is out this week.

Get the whole mix here.