Video of the Day: Hipster ‘Jersey Shore’ Actually Happening


Over a year ago, an casting call popped up on Craigslist seeking “Singer-Songwriters who live around and play the circuit of performance venues on the Lower East Side of New York City” for a reality show called The Scene… L.E.S. Of course, we couldn’t help but poke a little fun at downtown’s very own Jersey Shore by making our own casting suggestions. But we didn’t actually think the show would make it to the production stage (especially not with that title intact).

Lo and behold, Gothamist has tracked down a teaser for the series, which still doesn’t seem to have been picked up. As promised, we get a handful of retro/brohemian singer-songwriter types — who appear to have little to do with the exponentially more buzzed-about music scene across the East River — spouting clichés like “It’s just a part of me” and “I started; I have to finish.” The whole project seems a bit too earnest for its own good. In fact, the only moment of humor comes at the end, when one guy confirms that he really is a starving artist and asks if anyone can spare a cheeseburger. Let us know if you’d watch it in the comments.