Jeffrey Deitch’s MOCA Street Art Show Inspires Street Art of Its Own


File under hilarious but not at all surprising: A reader tipped us off to Hyperallergic’s post on a brand new street-art send-up of MOCA’s high-profile Art in the Streets show, which opens next week. LA Anonymous’s circus-style poster depicts MOCA’s controversial curator, Jeffrey Deitch, and financial backer, Eli Broad, as ringmaster and clown in the “safest show on Earth.” In a blog post, LA Raw explains that the image is a reaction to the city’s “all out attack on ‘street artists” and the irony of charging admission to see graffiti and providing museum visitors “with a ‘safe’ venue to purchase exhibit related merchandise,” as well as alluding to the infamous incident back in December in which MOCA censored a mural it had commissioned from Blu. “Culture Wars are on,” LA Raw concludes. If that means more funny and subversive street art, then vive la révolution!

Images: LA Raw via Hyperallergic; h/t Liz Warren