Sarah Harvey’s Hyperrealistic Paintings of Swimming Ladies


Sarah Harvey‘s paintings might look like distorted underwater photos, but they’re not — in most cases, they are self-portraits that the London-based artist creates using images shot by a third party that she later digitally manipulates, changing colors and swapping limbs. “I gain a great amount of freedom from being able to give each girl in each painting a different personality,” Harvey has explained. “In some ways, I see them as self-portraits due to the obvious fact that they are of me, but I love how I can live out fantasies, curiosities and narratives through my paintings that I’m not able to in real life.” Click through to check out a gallery of her work.

Sarah Harvey, Ripples of Light

Sarah Harvey, Bubble Face

Sarah Harvey, Fearless

Sarah Harvey, Falling Pleasure

Sarah Harvey, Glisten

Sarah Harvey, Promise

Sarah Harvey, Green Pool

Sarah Harvey, Clam

Sarah Harvey, Swirling Waters

Sarah Harvey, Handstand 1

Sarah Harvey, Ripple

Sarah Havey, Cubist Waters