25 Strange and Brilliant Polaroids of Famous People


Even through its nebulous extinction and the onset of bigger and brighter technology, polaroid has remained a compelling format for artists, amateurs, and appreciators alike. Sure, maybe it’s just a hipster faux-stalgia thing, but we think there’s a little more to it. In an age when so many of the photographs we are bombarded with every day are endlessly processed, photoshopped and color-corrected, it feels nice to return to an analog way of seeing the world, and there’s a distinct sense of intimacy in a polaroid that you know hasn’t been messed with too much – even if it may or may not have been expertly staged. There are a million polaroids of celebrities out there, but we’ve combed through and picked the best and weirdest for your viewing pleasure. Click through for 25 of our most favorite polaroids of the rich and the famous, and let us know which ones we’ve missed in the comments!

Lady Gaga

Oh, lordy. Not like anything from Gaga could surprise us at this point. And she has a motive to be crazy here – she is the creative director of Polaroid, after all.

Photos by Nobuyoshi Araki [via]

Andy Warhol

Ah, the iconic self-portraits. It was hard to choose just one.

Self-portrait with skull, 1977. [via]

Honus Honus and Pow Wow (of Man Man)

Honus Honus and Pow Wow in their traditional all-white show warpaint. We would love to find this in the grass after a long night.

[via Gorilla vs Bear]

Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks as Dr. Evil’s socially awkward cousin.

Photo by Henny Garfunkel [via]

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson. White wine. Leisure suit.

Photo by Waris Ahluwalia [via]

Johnny Rotten

Check out the creative ‘w’. Some guys can see breasts anywhere.

Photo by Henny Garfunkel

James Marsden

Sure, we know this was staged, but don’t you imagine this is what you’d see if you walked into James Marsden’s apartment unannounced? We do.

via Band of Outsiders

Jason Schwartzman

Here’s another celebrity with a vast catalog of polaroid documentation. The feet-on-face picture was also a serious contender. [via]

Patti Smith

Possibly the most feminine we’ve ever seen our Patti, which makes it fascinating in its own right.

Photo by Robert Mapplethorpe [via]

Kanye West & Jay-Z

Is Jay-Z about to beat us up for picking on his nerdy kid brother?

Photo by Jeremy Kost [via]

John Lennon & Mick Jagger & Jean-Michel Basquiat & Debbie Harry

Warhol’s gorgeous portraits, because what polaroid post could go without them?

Photos by Andy Warhol. [via]

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp ironing toast. We are confused by the note. Has he been ironing toast for six days? And only now thought of an apron? Sigh.


Julian Casablancas

Poor Julian Casablancas, sitting in the corner all alone.


Dave Franco & Donald Glover

This is just hilarious. We recommend the whole series.

[via Band of Outsiders]

Jake Gyllenhaal

Yep, he still looks good.

Photo by Henny Garfunkel

The Walkmen

This photo is amazing for looking exactly how their music sounds.

Photo by David Bartholow [via Gorilla vs Bear]

Kirsten Dunst

We like to see Kirsten Dunst embracing her weirdness.

[via Band of Outsiders]

Rosie O’Donnell

Would you expect anything less?

Photo by Henny Garfunkel

Sarah Silverman & Aziz Ansari

What is she whispering to him that’s making him make that face? We bet it’s something super foul.

[via Band of Outsiders]

Gisele Bundchen

Party on, Gisele.

[via Celeb Appeal]

Alison Mossheart (of The Kills)

It’s all about the benjamins.