Comedians as Comic Book Superheroes


Ever fantasize about Eddie Murphy saving you from a burning building? Well, we haven’t, but now that you mention it… We spotted these drool-worthy comic books by Old Red Jalopy over at NextMovie, where they’ve been working on a series of comedian-centric features in support of the first annual Comedy Awards, airing on Comedy Central tomorrow night. Old Red Jalopy has turned some of the most iconic and long lasting figures in American comedic film and television into the stars of their own comic books – and comic book series, we hope – can you imagine Tina Fey’s adventures in Gotham? – spandex jumpsuits and all. These comic books look as though they’ve been loved and revisited for years on end, pressed into the hands of children by their knowing parents, and shoved into backpacks for show and tell – which we think represents the influence of these wonderful comedians pretty well. Click through to see the best superheroes ever.