Artist Recreates Brooklyn In LEGOs In His Living Room


LEGO brick by tiny LEGO brick, Boerum Hill resident Jonathan Lopes is building a city in his 400-square foot living room. The train scene has taken him close to four years, and in it seeks to recreate as closely as possible the places he sees walking around Brooklyn every day. “It’s challenging to achieve certain aesthetics with the limitations of the brick,” Lopes told the Daily News. “I try to get it as real looking as possible.” That’s quite a feat, considering that Lopes is something of a LEGO purist – he doesn’t paint or otherwise alter the bricks in order to get them looking like the streets of Brooklyn, but instead relies on his creativity, working with what he has to achieve the effect he wants. And the man’s got a lot of LEGOs: Lopes has collected about half a million LEGO pieces to choose from – which makes sense when you consider that something like his replica of the Williamsburg Savings Bank requires about 12,000 alone.

Lopes is almost done with his Brooklyn scene, but as soon as it’s finished, he’ll be breaking it down for its parts. That may seem hasty, but he’s already thinking about the next thing in his head – for the holidays, he’s planning a LEGO recreation of “The Last Supper.” We have to say, we can’t wait to see it. More photos, including some crazy detail shots, after the jump.

[via Gothamist]