10 Great Musicians Photographed With Their Dogs


When one of our favorite book blogs, the Millions, tipped us off to this great photo gallery of writers with their dogs, we thought about all the famous furry companions in other disciplines and realized how many of our favorite musicians have secret odes to their dogs. Okay, okay, so the whole story about “Mandy” being Barry Manilow’s dog is an urban legend, but we’re of the opinion that every hardworking musician needs a furry bellwarmer for the cold nights. Plus, we all know that the internet is mostly for looking at cute pictures of animals, so how could we resist? Click through to see ten musicians with their best furry friends.

Paul McCartney and Martha

McCartney’s Old English Sheepdog Martha inspired the name of the song “Martha, My Dear” – though the track itself was supposedly about McCartney’s onetime fiancée Jane Asher.

Robert Plant and Strider

In “Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp,” Plant croons that “there ain’t no companion like a blue-eyed Merle” – meaning his own dog, Strider, who is supposedly named after the Tolkien character of the same name (he also goes by Aragorn). In live performances of the song, he has been known to shout out the dog’s name. Now that’s some love.

Elvis Presley and Foxhugh

Elvis had many dogs – Baba, Edmund, Getlo, Muffin, Stuff, Sweat Pea… the list goes on. He liked to give them as pets to his loved ones – Foxhugh was a gift to Linda Thompson while they were dating in the mid 1970s. As far as we can tell, he never had a hound dog.

Laurie Anderson and Lola Belle

Laurie Anderson’s terrier Lola Belle performed a piano solo at the record release party for Homeland. [Photo via]

Billie Holiday and Mister

Billie Holiday’s boxer Mister was the talk of the town when he leapt up on her in joy after her release from prison and onlookers thought she was being attacked. [Photo by William Gottlieb]

Ozzy Osbourne and Little Bit

Sadly, Little Bit was eaten by a coyote in 2009 while Ozzy and Sharon unknowingly watched the Michael Jackson memorial concert in the house.

Elton John and Arthur

Elton’s cocker spaniel Arthur was the best man at he and David Furnish’s civil partnership ceremony. We wonder what the bachelor party was like.

Eric Clapton and Jeep

Clapton’s dog Jeep is pretty famous, since he graces the cover of There’s One In Every Crowd. Even George Harrison named a song after him. [Photo via]

Johnny Cash and Hell & Redemption

At least he’s reaching towards Redemption. [Photo by Andy Earl via]

Doris Day and Mrs. Mike

Director Michael Curtiz gave Doris Day this Schnauzer puppy, whom she then promptly named Mrs. Mike. Day is a great animal rights activist and dog lover to this day.