Quote of the Day: A 24-Inspired Haiku

“Release Jack Bauer! / Quickly they reconsider / Arrest Jack Bauer!”

Galleycat reports that at last week’s Happy Ending Reading and Music Series Colson Whitehead “suggested a new series of pop culture poetry: ‘Tony Danza Miracles: Haiku Inspired By Popular Television Programs.'” Ha. Word is Maud Newton’s the catalyst for getting them online the one who actually made him follow through with it. The woman is powerful. Click here for a list of Whitehead’s upcoming readings and here to take a “How Well Do YOU Know 24?” quiz.

An update from Maud: “I didn’t realize my post might be misleading, so here’s what happened: Last week at Happy Ending, Colson read some of his ‘Tony Danza Miracles’ — haiku based on TV shows — and within the next few days I asked him (at Twitter) if he would post one. He responded (at Twitter) with my favorite of the night, about ’24.’ Not too long after that, Colson said (at Twitter) that he was reading the new Cheever bio and couldn’t stop thinking about Seinfeld. (There’s an episode in which George’s fiancee’s father turns out to have been receiving love letters from Cheever.) I said (again, at Twitter) that the highest form of the Tony Danza Miracle would probably be a Cheever-Seinfeld haiku, and Colson wrote one. If you’ve read the book and seen the episode, it’s pretty great.”