Courtney Love Launches eBay Store


If you’ve ever looked at the clothes Courtney Love is wearing on the latest installment of her entertainingly bizarre What Courtney Wore Today blog and thought to yourself that you’d rather fancy that dress/pair of shoes/etc., then rejoice -– if your clothes budget happens to extend to a small fortune, that is. Those who are flush with disposable income can get in on the action at the singer’s new eBay store, Courtney Love Couture, which she launched over the weekend. There’s a variety of items for sale –- shoes, bags, dresses -– all either “WORN” or “OWNED” by Love. She’s got a 100% feedback rating so far, from a grand total of three purchase: “Quick delivery, well-packaged … wife LOVES it!” says zblue987, who shelled out $199 for a green Marc Jacobs bag. Which is just as well. Can you imagine getting into a PayPal dispute with Courtney Love? Anyway, check out a selection of what’s on sale after the jump.

Givenchy patent leather shoes. “There is elastic which allows ease when putting on,” apparently. Yours for only $268. Ending soon!

A Claire la Faye dress “made especially for Ms. Love to wear to the LA premiere of Marie Antoinette.” A snip at $649!

Courtney goes vintage shopping, too. “This stunning evening gown will turn heads,” she assures us -– originally purchased for $399, yours for $299.

There’s something for every budget (well, almost). The cheapest item on the store is this Chloe metallic skirt, “with pockets and a waistband that lengthens.” Current bid is $201.50.

And finally, at the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have $2,999 burning a hole in your pocket, then this Gucci dress –- “worn on 3/31/11 at NY Source Code premier [sic]” – could be for you. And if so, um, can we borrow some cash?