The Only Reason We Wish We'd Gone to School with Lady Gaga


Yesterday we would have told you that we felt sorry for anyone who spent their formative years with pretentious poptart Lady Gaga — for obvious reasons that you can get straight from the horse’s mouth here. But then an anonymous tipster forwarded us an email from a dude in Seattle who’s willing to pay good money to anyone who with an old Convent of the Sacred Heart yearbook with her picture in it. And if there’s one thing we love more than we hate Gaga, it’s some easy $$$! “I collect the high school yearbooks of famous people. I would love to add the CSH yearbook which would picture Lady Gaga as a senior to our collection. We believe this she graduated in 2004, and her name then was Stefani Germanotta. I would pay $225 to BUY a copy of the book if she has at least the normal posed head photo, or $100 to BORROW it for 48 hours. We only need the one copy of the book, so we will buy/borrow from the first person who gets back to us and commits to sell/lend it.

“In addition, we would be interested on BORROWING her junior and sophomore yearbooks (if our info is correct, those would be 2003 and 2002, respectively), and would pay up to $100 for that, depending on the nature of her photos in the books.

“The book(s) must be in very good shape with no moisture damage (no musty smell), no cutouts, nothing marking on or near Stefani’s photos, etc. (a normal used copy with normal writing/inscriptions is fine!)”

A few things: First, has anyone else ever received an email like this? Second, what are the odds that he can get a copy of a yearbook that doesn’t have markings all over Lady Gaga’s self-important mug? Third, what else is he looking for besides the “the normal posed head photo”? Perhaps something like this. Finally, someone should tell this guy that the pics were already on Perez. Which is kind of the cherry on this sad sundae.