Lil Wayne and His Not So Lil Lawsuit


Remember when we told you about The Carter, the buzzy Sundance doc that filmed Lil Wayne on tour? Well according to IFC’s Indie Eye, Adam Bhala Lough’s film won’t be coming to a theatre near you anytime soon because of a lawsuit (which hilariously compares Quincy Delight Jones III’s production company Digerati Holdings to Bernie Madoff). explains that Wayne was supposed to review “various scenes of the Picture and have approval rights as to the final cut of the picture.” He was also meant to have absolute final approval of scenes that “portrayed his actions or activities as criminal in nature.”

When Wayne’s manager screened the footage in December, he rejected the footage (twice!) and asked for certain scenes to be deleted before the film was shown at Sundance. Digerati screened it anyway and now seeks a theatrical distributor in what the lawsuit calls “a classic swindle” and “a stunning ode to the corporate ethos of 2008.”

The lesson here: Katie Couric is one lucky bitch.

Also: Lil Wayne should consider hiring Jamie Spears.

View the 26-page PDF of the lawsuit over on and if you happened to see this film at Sundance, let us know what’s so bad about it in the comments.