Flavorpill’s Guide to Record Store Day 2011


While this compilation of shuttered record store photos is kind of depressing, it’s also a wake-up call, providing some extra inspiration to buy some wax at our local indie outlet on this Saturday’s fourth annual Record Store Day. Maybe you’re one of the people who’s going to camp outside of New York’s Other Music to nab Big Star’s special-edition Third reissue (get one for us too, mmkay?), or perhaps you’re just hoping to lock eyes with Regina Spektor during her in-store performance. RSD has done a bang-up job of assembling this list of special Record Store Day releases, but we’re live-out-loud kinda kids, so without further ado, here’s a roundup of the best in-store shows and shenanigans planned for this year. Find out what’s going on in your neck of the woods after the jump. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Ozzy Osbourne is the official ambassador of Record Store Day 2011. Free bats for everyone?


Low, Haley Bonar, and more at Electric Fetus – Minneapolis, MN

Free breakfast and coffee at a record store? Now that’s Minnesota Nice. After you’re quenched, pick up a free compilation tape of the Twin Cities’ best local artists from Radio K and catch some gratis in-store sets from locals Haley Bonar, Chastity Brown, and more. If you stick around Electric Fetus until 4pm, you’ll see a special performance by some slightly more famous locals: Low. Click here to watch the video for the single “Try to Sleep” from their new album C’mon. Spoiler alert: Uncle Jesse is a Low fan. No, seriously.

Jason Wilber and Sleeping Bag at Landlocked Music – Bloomington, IN

Acoustic folk guitarist Jason Wilber has shared the stage with the likes of John Prine, Greg Brown, and Todd Snider, and played on Prine’s 2005 Grammy Award-winning album Fair and Square. His gentle Americana is an interesting match with the slouchy power pop of Sleeping Bag, but hey, we’re all in this together. Listen to Wilber’s golden voice and strings below.

We Are Hex, Beta Male, and more at Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN

Free grab bags, a one-day liquor license, and a full bill of local music? Sounds like Luna Music is the place to be in Indianapolis on Saturday. The thrashy, trashy female-fronted punk band We Are Hex headline the in-store performance schedule, but if you’re not in it for the long haul, you can check out half a dozen other bands before them, such as the New Wave-y Beta Male. Watch a live video of We Are Hex, shot at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis, below.

Silver Abuse and Bad Drugs at Permanent Records – Chicago, IL

Moar goody bags! Moar (possibly free) beer, and moar (definitely free) pizza! O.G. Chicago punks Silver Abuse head up the celebration at Permanent Records, supported by (comparative) young’uns Bad Drugs. See where Silver Abuse began in this clip from the early 80s:


Obits, The Jay Vons, and DJ sets by Yo La Tengo and WFMU’s Tom Scharpling at Generation Records – New York, NY

NYC tends to show off on Record Store Day, but can you blame us? Sub Pop’s Obits will play tracks from their self-described non-“yelly” new record, Moody, Standard and Poor; The Jay Vons, who have demonstrated excellent taste by recording their last 7″ at Daptone Records; and as for the DJs? They’ll be right at home in Generation Records, surrounded by their friends. Here’s a track from the newest Obits record, just for you:

Bow Ribbons, Angel Olsen at Kim’s Video and Music – New York, NY

East Village stalwart Kim’s Video boasts performances by husky, bare-bones folk duo Bow Ribbons and the aptly named Angel Olsen. Between the two of them, you’ll never want to leave the store. Clever, Kim’s, very clever. The video below shows Bow Ribbons giving a living room concert with just the right amount of crowd participation:

Damon and Naomi (formerly of Galaxie 500) at Sound Fix – Brooklyn, NY

Store-goers probably shouldn’t pathetically beg Damon and Naomi to sing “The Other Side,” so this writer will save face and not attend their in-store performance at Sound Fix. However, you definitely should. You should also get there pretty early, because not only will this shop have every special release that all the cool kids want, but you’re in Williamsburg, for chrissakes. Be serious about your RSD hunt if you choose to brave the Burg. And now, a haunting cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Damon and Naomi:

Ian Axel and John Leguizamo (signing) at Vintage Vinyl – Fords, NJ

Ian Axel reminds us of a young Ben Folds, charmingly so, which makes us wonder how he’s going to get along with John Leguizamo, who will be signing copies of his new DVD, Freak, at Vintage Vinyl. If you ever wanted to grab your friends, dance around in front of a video camera, and show off to the world, get jealous of Ian Axel’s video for “This Is the New Year” below:

The Gay Blades at Bullmoose – Portsmouth, NH

Lest we forget where it all began, the Bullmoose chain is hosting its own slew of awesome RSD events. But if we could pick from their vast offerings, we’d hustle on over to the Gay Blades’ in-store show in New Hampshire. Equal parts howling glam and jangly pop, these guys remind us that there’s no reason to be ashamed of your New Jersey background. Overblown and silly? Definitely, but damned if you don’t smile when you listen to this track off their last album, Ghosts:


The Head and the Heart, Peter Buck of R.E.M. (signing) at Easy Street Records (Queen Anne) – Seattle, WA

New blood, meet a pro. R.E.M.’s Peter Buck will be signing whatever you want (within reason), including R.E.M.’s exclusive RSD release, Three at the Queen Anne location of Easy Street Records in Seattle. As for the fresh meat, Sub Pop newbies The Head and the Heart will give an in-store show after you’re done fangirling over Mr. R.E.M. Check out this KEXP live recording of their track “Lost In My Mind,” and revel in the apple-pie-perfect boy-girl harmonies:

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Brush Prairie, DJ Set by Zia of the Dandy Warhols, and more at Everyday Music – Portland, OR

The smoky-voiced frontwoman of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside grabbed our attention at SXSW, and we’re more than happy to let her keep it. With a rollicking blues guitar and dishpan percussion, their in-store show at Everyday Music should be a treat. Zia McCabe of the Dandy Warhols will also be on-site, not only spinning a DJ set, but playing with her country side project, Brush Prairie. We’re jealous. We wanna go. We’ll just relive SXSW in this live video of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside below:


Jerry Lee Lewis at Third Man Records – Nashville, TN

So, this one’s not free, but we figured it’s worth mentioning, because Jerry Lee Lewis?! Whaaa?! Jack White’s Third Man Records is charging $50 a ticket for this RSD performance, but partial proceeds will go to the Nashville Rescue Mission homeless shelter. Everyone who visits the shop on RSD can pre-order the White-produced Jerry Lee Lewis Live at TMR Black & Blue LP, and a lucky 100 will be able to snag the badass silkscreened poster above.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Hunx and His Punx, a screening of Better Than Something: Jay Reatard, and more at Grimey’s – Nashville, TN

Grimey’s has you all hooked up with sound and vision, boasting an entire day’s lineup of bands, featuring Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Hunx and His Punx, The Mattold, Gabe Dixon, and more. In the basement, you can check out three music documentaries, including Better Than Something: Jay Reatard, a documentary capturing the final months of his life. Watch the trailer below:

The dB’s, British Sea Power, Holly Golightly, Turf War, and more at Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s Criminal Records is having a RSD so good it’s… uh, criminal. Not only do they have a crazy lineup featuring the dB’s first performance with their original lineup in 20 years, but they’ve also got British Sea Power, Holly Golightly, Turf War, and others on deck for Saturday. Hats off, good madams and sirs. Side note: remember how fucking great the dB’s are!? Proof below:

Blank Dogs, Jacuzzi Boys, and more at Radio-Active Records – Miami, FL

Lo-fi whisperers Blank Dogs and their noisier cousins, Jacuzzi Boys, have got to be pretty amped that their RSD performance comes with some sweet swag like a silkscreened poster and limited-edition T-shirts. Radio-Active Records is also offering dollar LPs and a ton of other sales, plus concert ticket giveaways. What’s not to like? Unless you hate music and fun, in which case… just stay home.


Henry Rollins DJ set and signing at Amoeba Music – Hollywood, CA

If you’ve caught one of Henry Rollins’ “50” speaking tour dates, you know that sharing a room with the dude is electrifying in itself. Feel no shame as you shimmy to the punk records he throws on during a DJ set at Amoeba Music‘s Hollywood store, and yes, you can ask him to sign your arm. Let your fingers do the walking. Below, watch Rollins expound on his friendship with none other than William Shatner:

The Growlers, Nick T. (Islands) at Origami Vinyl – Los Angeles, CA

Out in Echo Park, the fairly new Origami Vinyl has pulled together a pretty sweet RSD of its own, with sets from Islands’ Nick T. and the Growlers, a slurry, dark indie rock band from Long Beach. Origami promises great sales on Saturday as well as a “surprise special guest TBA.” If we lived in Los Angeles, we’d hope for OFF!, as Origami owner Neil name-checks them pretty favorably here. Someone let us know, ‘k? Just to make you feel spooky, here’s a video from the Growlers:

Gentle Ghost and Purple Church at Guestroom Records – Oklahoma City, OK

We think Guestroom Records should win Best Record Store Day Poster for 2011, don’t you? Oklahoma City has a more vibrant music scene than you’d think, and some of the best local bands will be throwing down on Saturday, such as Gentle Ghost, a sprawling, noisy combination of rock ‘n’ roll and the inevitable country roots. The Purple Church, we’re told, are named after a local urban legend, but we’ll let that be and focus on their arena-size, space-age beauty. The Flaming Lips would be proud.

The Toadies and Eric Johnson at Waterloo Records – Austin, TX

Do not request “Possum Kingdom.” Instead, get your hands on The Toadies‘ limited edition 7″ at Waterloo Records, which happens to be a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great.” Plus, it’ll get you priority admission to the show as well as a spot on the autograph line. Plus, legendary Austin guitarist Eric Johnson will be performing and signing copies of his new vinyl release, Up Close. Ahh, Austin. Land of excellent music and breakfast tacos. Hey, here’s a clip of the Toadies’ Vaden doing that cover we talked about!

Have a fantastic Record Store Day, everyone, and be generous with your music-buying dollars, if you can afford to be. Let us know who you plan to see and what special purchases you plan to make in the comments.