Video of the Day: Jeff Goldblum as Dracula in 1996 Video Game


The title of i09’s post about Jeff Goldblum’s appearance in a Goosebumps video game may have been changed before publication, but its URL tells us how they really feel:!5791286/jeff-goldblum-as-dracula-in-a-1996-goosebumps-computer-game-is-weirdly-erotic. Back in 1996, Steven Spielberg was producing the video game version of R. L. Stine’s kiddie horror novels, which means he was able to secure cameos from Jeff Goldblum, Isabella Rosselini, and some other adult actors eight-year-old probably didn’t care about. And, as PopMatters noticed, Goldblum’s appearance as Dracula really something special. He mugs, he flashes fang, he mutters — and then he sweeps the game’s tween heroine into a waltz of seduction. “Weirdly erotic” or just plain weird? Either way, we’re sure we’ll be seeing this one in our nightmares.