Daily Poll: Is This the Worst Reality TV Show Ever?


Variety reports that “Fox has found a way to help struggling small businesses as they downsize in this tough economic climate. Sort of.” How so, you ask? A reality show about getting laid off. No, seriously. “The network has picked up the reality competish ‘Someone’s Gotta Go,’ which enters real businesses across the country and gives employees the power to decide which one of them will be terminated.”

While they’re crowing about being “topical” and billing it as “Survivor Meets The Office,” it sounds a lot more like The Lottery Meets Those Annoying Valtrex Commercials. And a little too close to “real” reality if you ask us. Where are the roses? Or the Ikea-furnished apartments?

What we’re wondering is:


PS: We know they weren’t talking about this version of The Office, but the scene were David Brent is made redundant is one of our favorite things ever. It. Will. Break. Your. Heart.