A New Videogame Thingy We Can Wait in Line For


Will our Nintendo DSi come with pretty backup Dancers and pastel graphics? Or a golden microphone, like Jamie Lidell’s? If so, it’s funny our friends at Wired.com don’t mention it in their review of the system: “The $170 DSi supercharges the smash hit Nintendo DS platform by adding two cameras, an SD card slot, a Web browser, and the ability to download games over WiFi. But although the DSi clearly represents the downloadable future of handheld gaming, Nintendo says it’s not interested in leaping feet-first into iPhone territory. Plus, it won’t bring its catalog of cartridge-based games to digital either.” Maybe they just hate beatboxing.

Also: Word is the DSi can handle big time graphics. Why not go after someone like Kindle instead of beating a dead iPhone horse?

So whaddya think? Are you buying one? Do you own one already? Spill it.