30 Vintage Zoo Posters


Going to the zoo is a seminal part of any curious child’s life. It’s a brush, however controlled and cordoned off, with danger, nature and the exotic world. Or at least it used to be. However, zoo advertisements, like so many other things, have become over-streamlined and ultra-modern, not like the tactile, mysterious zoo posters of yore. Accordingly, we decided to take a look at a series of vintage zoo posters from home and abroad, to relive the days when the zoo was a dangerous, secret place where jaguars lurked in unseen corners and animals spoke to you through the glass. Check out our collection of vintage zoo posters after the jump and let us know your favorites in the comments.

c. 1950

c. 1912

c. 1921 [via London Transit Museum]


c. 1938


c. 1936

c. 1936

c. 1936

c. 1933

c. 1963

c. 1958

c. 1950

c. 1915 [via London Transit Museum]

c. 1913 [via London Transit Museum]