Interactive Interview: Morgan Spurlock on the Realities of Selling Out


With his new movie, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has sold out, in a sense. For Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold , Spurlock, the provocateur behind the fast-food take-down Super Size Me , has created a documentary on the realities of marketing, advertising and product-placement that it, itself, funded entirely through those exact same things. That’s why you’ll notice, in our interactive interview with him below, he’s wearing a suit loudly emblazoned with the logos of JetBlue and his movie’s other major backers. He talks to us about the realities of “selling out” in the 21st century, what he thinks is the most mind-blowing corporate sponsorship buy-in he’s seen, and the good and bad points of being in a bathtub with a live horse. Click through for the full Flavorpill Interactive Interview with Morgan Spurlock, where you control the questions.

Check out the trailer for Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold below. For more on Morgan Spurlock and his many projects, visit his website, watch his incredible TED Talk, and follow him on Twitter.

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