Rate-a-Trailer: UCB Founder Matt Walsh’s Stoner Comedy ‘High Road’


Will 2011 be the year of the stoner comedy? Less than four months into the year, theaters have already seen the release of David Gordon Green’s uneven Your Highness, and now there’s a trailer for another paean to weed-smoking — directed by a guy with an impeccable comic pedigree. High Road is the feature film debut of Upright Citizen Brigade co-founder Matt Walsh. Billed as “a totally improvised ‘high’ comedy,” it stars James F. Pumphrey as a small-time pot dealer whose brush with the law forces him to decide between drugs, making music, and his pregnant girlfriend (Abby Elliott). The supporting cast includes Lizzy Caplan, Rob Riggle, Ed Helms, and Horatio Sanz (who’s long been known among New York audiences for showing up unannounced at UCB performances and ruining the show with his laughing-at-my-own-jokes schtick). High Road will premiere April 29th at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Honestly, based on this trailer, the movie looks like it might be a bit too Judd-Apatow-lite for our taste, but considering how much we like Walsh, Elliott, Caplan, and Helms, we ‘ll still likely give it a chance if it ever makes it to theaters.

[via SlashFilm]