The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Lady Gaga tweeted an image of the cover of her new album, Born This Way, over the weekend, and she inexplicably has a motorcycle body on it. Parodies immediately followed. Check out some of the best of them here.

2. In the wake of a lawsuit from a user who was sexually assaulted while on a date, the online dating site announced over the weekend that it plans to begin screening users to see if they have a history of being sex offenders. [via The Consumerist]

3. Yesterday, thousands of activists showed up at Chinese embassies and consulates around the world to protest China’s detention of artist Ai Weiwei 15 days ago; the “sit-ins” were inspired by Ai’s 2007 installation 1001 Qing Dynasty Wooden Chairs. [via Eyeteeth]

4. Kanye West played a three-act set for an hour and 40 minutes at Coachella over the weekend that included multiple outfit changes and the debut of his Air Yeezy 2s; check out the highlights here.

5. A print of Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ was attacked with hammers, icepicks and spray paint over the weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Avignon, France; the museum is planning to leave the destroyed work up so the public can “appreciate the barbarity committed by extremists.” [via ANIMAL]

Bonus link: A Miniature Crossbow