Surprisingly Wonderful Tumblr: Hipster Animals


So, people have been posting links to this new Tumblr called Hipster Animals. And, honestly, it took us a few rave reviews to finally click through. We were pretty sure it was going to be something insufferable, like Hipster Ariel glasses Photoshopped over wildlife photos. But you know what? Hipster Animals really is unexpectedly wonderful. It compiles “illustrator/comedian” Dyna Moe‘s (of Mad Men Yourself fame) pitch-perfect, Richard Scarry-style drawings of farm and forest creatures adopting familiar poses such as “full-time Etsy crafter” and “trust fund asshole.” There doesn’t seem to be a way to buy prints yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a book project or poster set comes out of this. Check out a few of our favorite Hipster Animals after the jump, then follow the blog on Tumblr for more satirical goodness.