Hair in Do-Rag of Nylon Mag Hair Feature (Or: Tales From The Third Dimension of PR)


That fashion think-tank-cum-magazine renowned for putting mostly undeservedly famous figures on their covers, NYLON, posted a feature on their site in which they delve into an area of coverage they’re not particularly known for: theatre. While theatre professionals (and publicity-seeking producers) can appreciate newcomers to the game, those who enjoy reading about theatre (or even readers of NYLON, who probably aren’t hosed that easily) are likely to be suspect towards this piece on the cast of Hair, who got their — wait for it — hair done by a Bumble & Bumble stylist during the interview. Oof.We would provide more context for this, but we think you’ve got more than enough as is. The choice quote is actually the lede, in response to a question that is, literally, “What was it like working with Bumble & Bumble?” Take it away, Hair cast + NYLON writers:

It was actually really cool, because Bumble is this edgy, awesome place to go. Last summer we went in there and were like, “Hey, we’re from Hair!” We went for something really natural, just keeping with the vein of the show. You put in product, but then you shake it out. Just like, “Here I am, here’s my hair.”

Read it out loud, and shake your head like a Pantene model. Ideas for other terribly transparent, double-secret-brand-placements (in which all parties — in this case: NYLON, Hair, and Bumble & Bumble — give each other the PR reach-around):

God Of Carnage cast does an interview with parenting magazine while they dope their kids up with Pfizer’s Ritalin.

Blithe Spirit cast does an interview with the AARP newsletter while they play with a electronic Ouija board.

9-to-5 cast does an interview with Redbook, conducted by a hysterectomy doctor.

Rock of Ages cast does an interview with Rolling Stone while they play Guitar Hero: Rock of Ages edition*.

*Actually, this will probably happen.

Can you think of any others?