TV Dinner: Chicken Tetrazzini Inpsired by MAURY


Welcome to TV Dinner, a new column where we’ll try out a recipe that’s inspired by something we’ve seen on television that week. For the inaugural installment we decided it was a good idea to go lowbrow, with a nod to the Chicken Tetrazzini love triangle currently brewing in MAURY land. (No we don’t normally watch MAURY, but some hilarious clips were featured on last week’s episode of The Soup.)

While our co-chefs complained that they’d only had Chicken Tetrazzini in elementary school cafeterias, we were intrigued to make and try the seductive dish that destroyed one woman’s rock solid relationship. For the recipe, we turned to the Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis — mostly because hers was the first one that popped up when we Googled.

Overall we’d say it turned out pretty well (it even bubbled like it was supposed to!), especially since we made a few alterations in an attempt not to have a heart attack: There’s a scary amount of butter involved, so we eliminated a two tablespoons, and we swapped out whole milk for skim and and linguine for whole wheat spaghetti. Also: you could probably use double the veggies and it would be a lot tastier. And don’t let the intermediate thing scare you — it was easy peasy to whip up.

But would we leave a healthy relationship over this dish? It would depend on the lunch lady serving it… Kidding. Hell no!