Fired Grey’s Anatomy Star No Stranger to Psychotic, Mind-Boggling Behavior


Does anyone else find it odd that ABC decided to announce that they are dropping Dr. Hahn — otherwise known as the woman who Buffalo Bill once planned to skin — from the cast of GREY’S ANATOMY on Election Day?

Talk about burying controversy in the news cycle. Hahn was both the least hetero and least annoying member of Seattle Grace’s staff — and one half of the only same-sex couple currently on prime time TV.

MICHAEL AUSIELLO reports that ABC execs were having issues with the idea of girl sex while BROOKE SMITH reveals that it all came crashing down very suddenly:

“I found out in mid-September soon after shooting the monologue that aired last week where Erica has the revelation that she’s gay. They even came down and told me it was a great scene — one of the best they ever shot on the show. So I was really, really shocked. I was floored when they told me [I was being let go]. It was the last thing I expected. In fact, when they told me I asked, ‘When is this happening?’ And they said, ‘The [next episode] is your last,’ which is the one that airs this Thursday. So it was very sudden.”

Here is what is even weirder: beginning on November 13th MELISSA GEORGE joins the cast as a bisexual intern/Meredith Grey’s lifelong BFF.

There has to be something we don’t know happening behind the scenes here. Does anyone out there have the scoop?