The Flavorpill Mixtape: Beyoncé, Brian Eno, The National


We hope that you loaded up on Record Store Day and are currently lording over your prizes. But for those of you who came out empty-handed or skipped the festivities altogether, never mind all that collective gloating. This week we’ve got some brand new tracks from heavy hitters: Brian Eno, The National, Fucked Up, and Santigold. Plus, Beyoncé is back! Try to contain yourselves. Right click + save as to download each track or scroll down to get the entire mix all at once.

“Prime Numbers” by Delta Hotel (Click through to download)

Delta Hotel makes lo-fi post-punk that’s at once lovely and gritty. Think early Sleater-Kinney with a touch of Mirah. Check out their bandcamp page for more musical treats.

“Celebrate by Singing” by Karl Blau

You may know K Records stalwart Karl Blau for his work with Mount Eerie’s Phil Elvrum or from his prolific solo work. Either way, Blau is readying to drop a 10″ called Max this May, and “Celebrate by Singing” is a taste of the boisterous and elegant songs he’ll serve up.

“Gorilla” by Clams Casino

Hip-hop producer Clams Casino recently dropped some unreleased instrumental tracks via his twitter account, and the gem of this bounty is undoubtedly “Gorilla,” a sprawling jungle groove with some Miles Davis touches. Clams (can we call you Clams?) has an EP coming out on June 27th.

“Girls (Who Run the World)” by Beyoncé (prod. Major Lazer)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! The great diva herself has returned, and this time she’s teamed up with Mssrs. Diplo and Switch (a.k.a. Major Lazer) for her newest M.I.A.-influenced offering. We’re not sure that Mrs. Z needs all that ornamentation for her rip-roaring chimes, but we’ll let you be the judge.

“Exile Vilify” by the National

This new track from the National comes from a somewhat unlikely source: the soundtrack for the video game Portal 2. Not that we’re complaining.

“Glitch” by Brian Eno

Ambient music-maker of our hearts Brian Eno is busy soundscaping his next album, Drums Between the Bells. This time, he’s teamed up with poet Rick Holland to make the appropriately named “Glitch.” We sort of wish that this had been the Tron soundtrack.

“Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” by the Antlers

Brooklyn indie collective the Antlers are coming out with their new album, Burst Apart, on May 10. Apparently a terrible fear can also make a jaunty, swashbuckling song.

“Go” by Santigold (ft. Karen O)

Santigold’s newest offering “GO” has her straying ever closer towards a kind of amped-up dance-garage rock, courtesy of input from not just one but two Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Nick Zinner on guitar and Karen O. adding her vocals.

“Bugs” by O’Death

Endearing folk-punk weirdos O’Death are out this week with a new album, Outside, that’s quieter and more melancholy than their previous offerings. “Bugs” is both sweet and ambling, a perfect driving through the meadows kind of song.

“A Little Death” by Fucked Up

The second of four digital sneak peek’s at Fucked Up’s upcoming rock opera, “A Little Death” is more of a return to form and less Brit-poppy, though equally as enjoyable.

Get the whole thing here.