What We’re Listening To at Flavorpill…


Welcome to What We’re Listening To, a weekly roundup of the tracks that have been getting the repeat treatment in our office. After the jump, ten songs that FP staffers are loving right now, along with some light commentary on why we think they’re special (we hear a lot of music ’round here). Enjoy and feel free to leave your own recent obsessions in the comments.

1. Kasabian, “Vlad the Impaler” Psychedelia and pomp, washed down with heavy attitude — thank goodness Kasabian are back, and with a bizarre video starring the Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding, no less.

2. Bat for Lashes, “Glass” The album is the best thing I’ve heard all year — and Natasha Khan is like all of my favorite songstresses of the past few decades rolled into one. And this is my favorite track.

3. YACHT, “Summer Song” Because dude, where is it already?

4. Tori Amos, “Welcome To England” This is the first track released from her upcoming album Abnormally Attracted to Sin (out May 19). It has echoes of her Choirgirl/Venus period, which bodes very well for the album indeed.

5. Mikado, “Par Hasard” Can you say mellow in French?

6. Kate Bush, “Cloudbusting” The video is pretty ridiculous/awesome too, especially because of Donald Sutherland!

7. Common feat. Chester French, “What a World” Word!

8. Mandingo Ambassadors, new track Whatever the mystery track is they posted is called, it’s freaking hypnotic. They’re playing the Voodoo Funk Party this weekend at Union Pool, BTW.

9. Bell, “Echinacea”

Lead singer Olga Bell sounds like Bjork. But not quite as unapproachably weird. “Echinacea” is rad; also digging the live cut of “Eat Seeds” they posted today.

10. Superchunk, “Driveway To Driveway” I got my 5-day pass for XX Merge this week, so an ode to Superchunk…